How to create a Brand Video in 3 Simple Steps

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Video Transcription

Hey there I’m Doug Dibert Jr and I am owner and Creative Video Director and Lover of Everything Video Marketing here at Crossing River Studios based in Columbus Ohio. We are your number one resource for all your video production, video producing and Video Marketing needs.

The word Brand gets thrown around a lot. Most don’t even really know what a “Brand” is. Brand, simply put is a promise to your customer about what you’ll do for them. It’s what defines the product or services you offer to your clients. Brand Videos for a business or non-profit is vital in today’s market that’s looking to connect with your business on an emotional level.

Here are 3 simple steps to developing a Brand Video.

1st step is : Story is King – How did your product or service help someone’s life become better? How did what you do solve someone’s problem or issue? Story is king, because story doesn’t lie. Intercutting 2 or 3 different stories, with 2 or 3 different target markets you want to go after is extremely affective for a brand video.

2nd step is showing you Product or Service in Action – As your 2 or 3 stories are being told, compelling footage of your product or service in action just amplifies your message. It gives your potential client watching your video a positive feeling of: “If I choose them, this is what I’ll get too!”

3rd is a Powerful Call to Action – Ok, so they’re love’in your video. Now it’s time to tell them how they can have this same great experience too. Make sure your video tells them how to connect. Make sure they can easily call or email you by placing buttons by the video for mobile viewers or having a simple contact form right next to the video. Creating a unique Brand video to anchor your website for your product or service doesn’t have to be difficult.

At Crossing River Studios, our goal is to make the process Simple, and your video Creative and Unique so it helps your organization stand out and hit the marketing goals you want to hit. As always my direct email is right on this page to Connect.

Make sure you get the next email where I’ll have even more Free Video content on how to use Video to grow your organization. I’m Doug Dibert Jr and thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you again soon.