3 steps to Better Connect in a Media Driven Culture

by Doug Dibert, Jr.

We live in a world that is full of distraction. So many people are vying for the attention of their product or service. Likes, Tweets, Shares as a marketing professional or sales professional it can make you crazy! How do you break through the clutter to really connect with someone? Most of us really want to bring value to the lives of our customers. We want to see them prosper and be successful with what we offer them. Getting the sale, the contract, is important but adding value to another person’s life is what you want to show them. How do you do it? What can you do to break through? Here are 3 steps to help your organization break through in a media driven culture.


1.) Have a website that speaks to that person and doesn’t sell to that person.

– Does your website just beat it’s chest and tell people what you do or is it having a conversation with that individual. Look at your site with new and fresh eyes, really put yourself in your customer’s position. We forget to do that sometimes, I know I do. Make sure your website is having a conversation and not one way. Ask questions on it that the potential customer will answer in their mind. Then tell a story.


2.) Tell a Story

 If content is King then Story is your Knight in shining armor. How did what you offer swoop in and save the day? Tell that story briefly. People love to hear about someone having success with what you can offer them. It helps people connect emotionally to what you offer because they picture themselves in that story. It helps them get comfortable with who you are as a business or non-profit.


If content is King then Story is your Knight in shining armor.


3.) A Video Marketing Plan

– Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of business and content operations, said earlier this year that online video is on the cusp of a growth spurt, much like cable television 30 years ago. Facebook, Twitter have their own video platforms and YouTube continues to grow year after year. Folks, video is getting ready to dominate the marketing landscape. If you’re not tell stories, have a brand video, or a series of videos for the products and services you offer, you do so at your own peril. Start creating a plan today so you don’t miss the boat.

The most valuable commodity we have is time. If you follow those three steps, not only will it help you create a better sales funnel, saving you time. It will help your potential clients save time searching. After they see you and what you offer, why would they go anywhere else?

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