5 reasons your business can benefit from starting a podcast

Are you always looking for more ways to grow your business or brand? Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? It may be a less conventional form of marketing, but it works!

1. Your potential clients or customers are listening

Whether you are B2C or B2B, people are listening. Here are a few stats to back it up. 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast which is up from 51% in 2019. Podcast listeners have grown 37.5% in just the last 3 years. Also, more than one third (39%) of owners of small businesses listen to podcasts. 65% of those listen at least weekly according to a survey by small business research firm Bredin. That same survey found that 70-72% of business owners with 100-500 employees are listening.

2. Reach more qualified prospects

Does it make sense for your business to have one-on-one consultations for your prospects to determine if they want to do business with you? You cannot do hundreds of one-on-one consultations every week. Instead, allow the podcast to reach that many listeners, and those that are interested in your approach can reach out. Demonstrate your credibility by sharing your expertise. Become valuable to your listeners and they will want to reach out.

3. Attract high-quality customers and clients

If you frequently wrestle with ‘churn’ – clients who fail to stick around. A podcast is especially valuable in industries where churn is expensive, and where the customer lifetime value is high. Your podcast does not have to be the largest driver of leads, but it can in turn be the best educational platform for your current and future clients. Your prospects may not listen to your podcast every week, but if you build a following, many will come back and back again, deepening the relationship. Your prospects will tent to come prepared and require less handholding, making for a better and faster onboarding process.

4. Fits into a busy schedule

Ask anyone who starts a podcast, and they will tell you it can be a lot of work. But, as the host, the only thing you have to do is two things, show up and talk! Depending on your time and interests, you can outsource the production, editing, publishing, transcription, show notes, and promotion. Pretty much all the technical aspects of creating a podcast episode.

5. It is not as expensive as you might think

Depending on your technical know-how and DIY mentality you can spend more time than money to put your podcast together. If you are like most that need to focus on building your business or maintaining your customers it might not make sense to spend a lot of time to get the right audio gear, editing software, and where or how to upload your podcast episodes properly. Adding a podcast into your marketing strategy and partnering with us at Crossing River Studios can take all the tasks off your to-do list except for showing up and talking! That can start at just $199 a month, depending on what your specific podcast looks like. In addition to bringing in leads and sales, which can be reason enough to start a podcast. A podcast can become a source of additional revenue through sponsorships and ad spots. You’ve attracted an audience that other companies (that do not compete with you) will want to pay you to get in front of.

BONUS TIP: It’s Fun!

Above all, hosting a podcast can be work you look forward to doing. You can relay your expertise and point of view. You can meet and interview interesting guests. You can share stories and ideas that can get your prospects thinking in a way they may have not thought of which will directly be linked to you.

Professional Podcast at your fingertips!

You don’t need to spend hours researching or learning how to create and distribute your podcast. Partner with Crossing River Studios to bring your podcast to life!

Audio Only

With two options of bring your own audio or we can record your audio for you!

Audio + Video

We can partner with you to produce a professional podcast and video podcast for you to be able to share with your audience or use to build your audience!

Audio + Video + Analyze

Not only can we partner with you to produce a highly professional audio and video podcast, but we can assist with the numbers as well! We can provide all the data and help you decide how to sculpt your podcast to provide the best end result you are looking for!

Learn more about the specific options we have available. From ‘Bring your own audio’ to ‘Fully recorded and produced by us’, and everything in between. To create a highly professional podcast all you have to do is bring your voice!