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Meet our client John Scott of J530, a fitness supplement company. He wanted a video that would really help define his brand and the people who could benefit from it. John had a ton of great ideas and concepts for what he wanted! We collaborated and polished up the look and feel for the short video. He posted the video on his Instagram account and quickly he gained over 13,000 new followers! We make sure that each video piece speaks to the specific market it is going after. In this case, the video was crafted to reach the extreme fitness market. Lots of shots of muscles and body building in action.

Check out the 1st of many J530 videos right here:

You need to be the ones to set the Standard!

Do you ever find yourself checking in with the competition to see if you should make a new move or not? It’s not necessarily a bad practice. The moment it becomes bad when it becomes are single decision maker in whether or not we move forward in a creative new way. It’s like doing the bare minimum just to get by. Don’t that make you crazy when someone does that do you? Just does the bare minimum to make you happy.

What do you think when someone does something above and beyond for you?

You feel happy and feel satisfied right. I bet right now you can think about someone who went above and beyond for you and how happy it made you feel to do business with them.

Video is an incredible way to set the standard for your organization. It can position you as the expert in your field and help your clients feel at peace when deciding to do business with you.

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Video Transcription

Hey there I’m Doug Dibert Jr and I am owner and Creative Video Director and Lover of Everything Video Marketing here at Crossing River Studios based in Columbus Ohio. We are your number one resource for all your video production, video producing and Video Marketing needs.

Are you checking in with your competition before you do anything new …to see if they are maybe doing it first? I sure hope not. Checking in on competition is not a bad thing, just don’t make a decision based simply on seeing if someone has already tried it. If you do that, you’re usually 2 years too late in the game. Make your competition look to you as the trendsetter, let them see what you’re doing, not the other way around. Don’t be a lemming! Let them chase after you. I’ve had so many clients on the fence about doing video and because they’re competition wasn’t moving on it yet, they didn’t either. They got stagnate and before they knew it, their competition had video and was moving forward more quickly than they were. You have to check out a review one of my clients sent me on how he grew the social media following on his Instagram account for his business to and additional 13,000 followers with a video we created for him. Check it out!

(Check out the video)

Video works and it works so well. Why, because people learn in three different ways, Visual, Auditory and Kinetically. Video hits directly on two of those and some many say all three learning styles. Remember, you’re not just selling, you’re educating your potential clients on what you can do for them. Having just text on your website will only hit on one learning capability. You’re missing the other two.

We at Crossing River Studios would love to help you educate your potential clients with video, to help them discover that, what you do is the solution they need and have been searching for. Connect with us today! You can connect as always, by my direct personal email or you can fill out the contact form on the Crossing River Studios website.

I’m Doug Dibert Jr and thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you again soon.