April Osteen-Simons & Dodie Osteen Women Millennials _ Drenda show


Doug with Dodie Osteen

Millennials are a popular topic right now. The Drenda show wanted to tackle the topic head-on, but really wanted to do it right, get some really good wisdom. I chose to focus the show on Millennial women since women are the main demographic the Drenda show caters to. I came up with the idea to ask April Osteen-Simons to be on the show to speak on Millennial women. She had been on the Drenda show in the past and wrote a great book called, “Things My Mother Taught Me”. Which featured time-honored wisdom from her mother Dodie Osteen.

After a few months of back and forth not only did April Osteen-Simons agree to be on the show, Dodie Osteen also agreed to be on the show and asked if we wanted to film the show in Texas at Lakewood Church. It was such a privilege to be there and created 3 separate shows. We filmed with four great ladies that day. What a privilege it was to direct and create those shows!

Special Thank You to Faith Life Now and Lakewood Church for this great experience!