Drenda's Dream - a short film

The dream that started it all.

Before Drenda Keesee started her world-wide ministry, she had a dream. A very vivid dream. This dream was a dream that inspired her to move forward into what God had called her to. It was something they never attempted to do because of the complexity of what it would take to re-create it. When I was given the task to make this film, I was honored. I knew this was important to her and I knew I had to do whatever it took to make it right. I wanted her to be proud of it. All the actors had really no prior experience so I had to essentially pull the emotion out of them. All of them did an excellent job! We shot in an old barn on a day where it was about 100 degrees. Everyone was sweaty and hot. Which, I thought, made an even greater effect. The music was scored by staff employee Jeremiah Williams and all I gave him was a score from a film I thought worked well, he ran with it and it with a little tweaking turned out beautiful. This was one fun project to write, direct, edit and produce.