Intrinsic Care ~ Story-based Video Sales Funnel

Intrinsic Care came to us in need of really showing what Network Chiropractic was. That it was based in sound medicine and science. There is no better way to to something like that that through the power of story. Not just any story though, their clients story. We told 3 different stories about how and what Intrinsic Care did changed their lives. We let them to the selling, not you. Sure we have Dr Matthew in the video speaking to his philosophy and approach, but the majority of the video is them. The beauty of this video approach is that those 3 people, are his top demographics he serves.

start with overall BRAND VIDEO

So not only does Intrinsic Care have a brand video that hits all their demographics, we create 3 separate videos of each demographic. So when that potential client sees themselves in the Brand Video they can watch another video based on the person they most closely identify with.

Video is all most getting your potential client to see themselves in your video, that’s why you focus on a key client demographic.

Those 3 people gave tons of wonderful details as to Intrinsic Care’s approach on how it changed their lives that we created 3 more videos. The whole point is, when that potential client sees themselves in the video, they can go further down the Video Sales pipeline and watch another video based on what they connected with.

Breakout Video 1

This approach is truly perfect in that it captures your potential clients attention, they associate with it, then discover more with another video they most relate to. So you get 4 different videos that can be used in multiple fashions. For website, for social media, for email marketing drip campaigns. There are tons of different ways to use this approach in video.

Breakout Video 2



Breakout Video 3



Here is a brief video about owner Dr. Matthew talking about the affect of these videos on his business.



See their  Brand video on the front page of their website:

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