Millsite Trout and Gun Club - Real Estate Video Production Ohio

Real Estate Video Production? Yeah..we can do that 🙂

The owner of Danbury National, a larger commercial real estate firm needed to sell a very large property near Sandusky, Ohio in the small village of Castalia, Ohio. At first all they wanted was to video the grounds to show it’s beauty. Which isn’t a bad idea. But we like to think outside of the box. When I saw the place all I thought of was Pure Michigan, yes, I know it was in ohio, but the property was just that peaceful. So that’s what we did we created it just like a Pure Michigan ad and they sold the multi-million dollar property in about a year. The person who bought the property said it was due in part to the video. It is now called Millsite B & B, with cold-water trout fishing privileges for all who stay. Not to mention the new owner wanted us to recut the video to reflect that, which we did!

Are you a Realtor that has a property valued over $300,000? We can produce a video just like this one for you and your client and get it sold! Real Estate Video Production in Ohio.