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A uniquely-crafted, powerful Video is a Salesperson that sells for you while you sleep.

We make the Video Production process simple. The Biggest Fear any client has when they decide to produce a video for their business or non-profit is: “Will I see a return on creating this video?” If you simply set out to make a video because it will look cool on your website, then it will most likely fail.

You need a Video designed with purpose.

You have to give your video something to do, a target to hit. Otherwise, its just noise in an already clustered media driven world.

At Crossing River Studios, our main goal and focus is producing a video for our clients that goes after it’s given target.

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How do you find the target you might ask?

– We ask our clients these simple questions:


Why do you want to create a video?


What is the number one priority that this video needs to accomplish?


What marketing channels do they plan on using the video on?
We often say that a well-crafted video is like a sales person that works for you 24/7 and you only pay them once! That’s what a video is! We are literally crafting a digital sales person that will explain and show in real-world applications what the problem is that you are solving for your potential client. You are in business to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s by a service, product or both you are solving a problem.
How do I discover the type of video I need?
The easiest way to get started is to think like your perfect customer. How would your perfect customer use your product or service in a real-life scenario? That’s essentially what a written testimonial does on Amazon. People are reading real life scenarios on how that person utilized that product or service to solve their problem and how happy or dissatisfied they were on how their problem was solved.

Creating a video that shows your product or service in action is so effective!

Why is that you ask?

Every human being has mirror neurons in their brain.

Those receptors are what causes are heart to beat fast during an action movie or become scared when watching a horror or sci-fi movie. Your mind is reflecting what is happening on the screen in your brain.

When someone is watching a video based on your product or service and they’re seeing it in action, they’re hearing people talk about how it solved their problem. They then begin to picture themselves with that same success and happiness with that product or service. Which leads to increased click through rates and brand engagement. Plus, studies show that our brains process video content 60,000 times faster compared to just text.

So after I get this amazing video production by Crossing River Studios. What do I do with it?
Glad you asked! Having your video on your website on the front page and not buried on another page is essential. Kind of like air is to your lungs. Your video on the Front page of your website will instantly engage potential clients finding your website.

Another extremely cost effective way to market your video is launching a Facebook Video Ad campaign! It is the cheapest and most effective way outside of your website to drive traffic to your website and engage people right on their Facebook wall. Every client Crossing River Studios has gets free training on how to set this up and launch it at no charge. It’s very effective for your business or non-profit!

We also recommend starting a YouTube channel if you don’t already have one. If you don’t, no worries, Crossing River Studios also does this for free with every client.

Why YouTube you ask? YouTube is owned by Google and well, YouTube is the 2nd most searched website on the planet. You can keyword each video out for search and it’s awesome. Keyword optimization of your finished video is something Crossing River Studios does for each of our clients as well.

Having your video on YouTube will also give you a quality backlink as well and if it’s on YouTube, Google kind of likes that, just say’in.

Can’t I just film something with my iPhone?
We get this question a lot. Statistics show that you only have 8-10 seconds to engage someone on a video before they click off. Not to mention, that the quality of your video will reflect the quality of your product or service. Not might…Will. People just do. Think about going to a bad website that looks boring and outdated, does that make you feel good about buying that product or service?

Same concepts with someone dressed nice and someone dressed in sweatpants at a sales meeting. Who do you want to do business with?

Don’t make a sweatpants video.

At Crossing River Studios, our goal when producing a video or any video production is to make the video last at least 5 years. We take careful measures to make sure nothing is dated. We make sure the Video tells the story of the problem your product or service solves.

In summary, a video produced for your business or non-profit has unparalleled potential. From Lower Bounce ratings for your website, quality backlinks, amazing customer engagement, and a 24/7 salesperson you pay one time, there is no limit.

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